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Cybersecurity News, Advice and Opinion

5 Mistakes Organisations Make That Cause Data Breaches

My1Login Finalist in Two Awards

My1Login Winner in Cloud Excellence Awards 2021

Demystifying the acronyms and jargon around Identity Management

Why employees require a passwordless experience in a hybrid working world

Why do leaders need to take the responsibility of corporate passwords away from employees?

What is a zero trust model and why should your organisation adopt it?

How My1Login can take your Organisation from Password-Based to Passwordless

My1Login Finalist in Cloud Excellence Awards 2021

The 10 Essential Features for an Enterprise Password Manager

SAML vs OIDC – The Differences Explained

Five Problems Passwords Cause Businesses

Five Reasons Why Businesses are Moving to Passwordless Authentication

Public Sector Dark Web Data Leak Shows the Need for Passwordless Authentication

My1Login Win IAM Award at Computing Security Excellence Awards 2020

My1Login Announce New Technology Partnership with Hitachi Europe

My1Login Wins "Best Identity Management Solution" at SC Awards Europe 2020

Tips from the My1Login Team on Working from Home

My1Login Finalist in SC Awards Europe 2020

COVID-19 Statement

My1Login's 2020 Tour

My1Login Finalist in Computing Security Awards 2019

My1Login's 2019 Tour

Event: Future of Cyber Security Manchester 2019

My1Login Sweeps the Board at Awards

My1Login's 2018 Autumn Tour

My1Login at Infosec 2018

Mike Newman, My1Login CEO, Speaking at IP Expo Manchester 2018

My1Login Finalist in SC Awards Europe 2018

My1Login On Tour

Event: Public Sector Cyber Security 2018

Security Update: Spectre and Meltdown

The ROBOT Attack

My1Login Wins International Contribution to Cyber Security

My1Login Presents at Digital Transformation Event

My1Login Wins Identity and Access Management Solution of The Year

Mike Newman, My1Login CEO, Speaking at IP Expo Europe

My1Login Finalist for the International Contribution to Cyber Security

My1Login Finalist for the Security Excellence IAM Award 2017

My1Login Finalist for Identity and Access Management Solution of the Year in the Computing Security Awards

Mike Newman, My1Login CEO, Speaking at the Cyber Security Summit

My1Login CEO, Mike Newman, Speaking at Infosecurity Europe

Data Breach of U.S. Identity Management Vendor, OneLogin

CB Insights cites My1Login as Global Leader in Identity Management

My1Login Approved as UK Government Supplier

Mike Newman, My1Login CEO, Speaking at IP Expo

Come and See My1Login at CyberUK 2017

Come and See My1Login at Cyber Security 2017

TalkTalk CEO 'Steps Down' Following Data Breach

Come and See My1Login at Bett 2017

Three Mobile Hacked: Insider Threat Puts Details of 6 Million Customers at Risk

The Hidden Risk of Legacy App Authentication

InfoSec Threat in Wake of Yahoo Hack

My1Login Press Release - September 2016

The UK's Top 10 Data Breaches

US Security Firm Breached - Hacker Finds 'Secure Data' Stored in Clear Text

My1Login Press Release - August 2016

Counting the Cost of a Data Breach – Accountancy Firm Sage Hacked

The Ticking Time Bomb of Abandoned Accounts

Just how much do forgotten passwords cost your business?

Worried About Insider Threat? Find Out How One Highly-Regulated Business Prevent It

Come and See My1Login at InfoSec 16

100 Million LinkedIn Accounts for Sale

Insider Threat at InfoSec 16

100,000 Affected in UserVoice Data Breach

Why Your Password Policy Is Broken

Can The Password Be Killed Off?

Why Your Youngest Staff Are Your Biggest Security Risk

Who Owns The Risk of Being Hacked?

The 6 Biggest Business Security Risks - Solved!

Data Breach costs have DOUBLED in 12 months! Find Out Why...

Woman calls police after forgetting her laptop password!

New OpenSSL Bug Exposed

Why Security Questions Are Bad For Business!

InfoSecurity15 - Another Great Event!

It's Official, Employees Are The Biggest Security Risk

My1Login Are Exhibiting At Infosecurity Europe

Hacks Without Headlines

Employees: An Easy Catch For Phishermen

Embracing The Cloud: Securely

Hackers Take Second Helpings On Jamie Oliver Site

Data security: Why Employees Are The Weakest Link

2015: The Year of The Healthcare Hack?

Only 1 in 5 Irish Firms Escape Data Breach

Hackers: Who Needs Them When ‘Password1’ Does The Trick?

Third of Passwords Contain Personal Info

90% Of Data Breaches Are Preventable

Talk Show Host Exposes Weak Password Practices

BYOD: How to Protect Critical Business Data

Big Brands, Huge Hacks, Enormous Expense

Data Security: How to Make Small Fry Out of Big Phish

Businesses Wasting Millions on Password Problems

Cybercrime: Average Company Now Compromised Every Four Days

Data Security: Why 5-a-Day Keeps The Hackers Away

Prevent Your Law Firm Being Hacked - 15-minute webinar

Sports team website proclaims love for terrorist group after hack

Is it really that bad to use the same password everywhere?

Law 2014 Manchester - my1login exhibiting and speaking

Dropbox blames its users for security breach

5 essential tips to protect your WordPress blog

5 Products your business should be using to stay secure

The staggering cost of password hacks

10 mistakes your employees are making with your business’s passwords

Default password sees US Govt Healthcare website hacked

New NHS Patient Data Sharing Scheme Hack Warning

Password security questions: why honesty is not the best policy!

The naked truth about weak passwords? They leave you exposed!

New iPhone & iPad app released

50% of business passwords are crackable within a few minutes

The 10 reasons why your business will get hacked

Celebrating Innovation at Buckingham Palace

1.2 billion passwords stolen from 420,000 website hacks

It's good to be different!

Ransomware found on adverts on Disney, Facebook and The Guardian websites

Password Polices - You'd be better off trashing them!

Beta Consumer Service Audit

my1login Attend Tech Reception at Buckingham Palace!

Millions Of eBayers Urged To Change Passwords

InfoSecurity14 - What an Event!

My1Login Are Going To Infosecurity Europe!

Heartbleed 'bug' - No Match For my1login

Heartbleed SSL exploit - how my1login protects your business

German Authorities Discover A Catalogue of 18 million Stolen Email Addresses and Passwords

Ex-Microsoft Employee Arrested For Leaking Valuable Information

Secondhand Laptop Gives Thief Access To Previous Owners Bank Details

ComiXology Suffer Security Breach

Forgotten Password leaves Delhi Police with Massive Admin Headache

A Horde of 360 Million Stolen Usernames & Passwords Uncovered Online

Crowdfunding website Kickstarter Hacked

Super Bowl Security Centre Wi-Fi password aired by CBS

PCMAG Best Password Managers cites my1login as a market leader

'Catch Me If You Can' Employee Fraudster Bankrolls $100,000 Vacation

Germany suffers hack that sees millions of emails and passwords stolen

Are you Cyber Streetwise?

Beware of Bad Advice On Password Protection

How secure are your premises?

The Big Hacks of 2013

Revenge Tweets from fired Chef is a nightmare for Pubs reputation

Hacked LinkedIn Passwords Turned into Art

5 Tips on How to Stay Safe on Your Phone

Two Million Stolen Passwords Dumped Online

Snowden's Scam - If Only Employees Were Unable to Reveal Their Passwords

Vodafone Hacked - Customer Bank Account Details Stolen

Apple Developer site hacked - What to do to stay safe

Come see us at InfoSec

Dublin Web Summit

my1login named among the world’s top 100 start-ups

Blizzard hacked - the 5 things you should do

Being secure just became more fun

Dropbox security breach leads to accounts being spammed

Nvidia forums hacked

Formspring hacked - it's time to change your password

Weak passwords cost hotel chain lawsuit

TechRadar hacked - the 5 things you should do

What are cookies?

Last.FM passwords compromised

LinkedIn Hacked: The 5 things to do

my1login shortlisted for 2012 Digital Technology Award

Twitter advises users to change their passwords

Phishing trip

Gone phishing

Personal information found on 1 in 10 reused hard drives

Use a similar password for everything?

Where's the Education on Security?

Reponse to comments on Rory's BBC Blog

Think you have a 5m4rt P@55w0rd?

London Web Summit