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Beta Consumer Service Audit

Posted by My1Login on Jun 30, 2014 6:15:00 AM

Last August we engaged with the University of California Berkeley who were assessing several on-line password security services.

We were delighted to be included as one of the leading password security services and to have the beta version of our old consumer product subjected to additional ethical hacking by acknowledged leaders in the field. The outcome of this extensive, in depth, analysis of the five products tested, it was found that my1login had the fewest issues across all of the areas evaluated. The issues raised by the experts at the University of California Berkley were resolved by our development team the same day and we were pleased that none of the issues found affected any of our customers.

The University of California Berkley is at the forefront of computer security research and we were delighted to receive the benefit of the wisdom of some of the leading minds in the security industry.

You may know this already, but we no longer offer the beta consumer version of our service. However this beta service provided us with a rich test-bed and we gained a hugely valuable insight from it. It was remarkable that even an old beta product of ours out-performed some of the other well established competitors in the industry. For more-detailed information please check out this link.

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