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ComiXology Suffer Security Breach

Posted by Jo on Mar 7, 2014 6:54:00 AM

comics_by_comixology_logo_black_textComiXology a digital comic distributor discovered a vast security breach during a recent company security review and upgrade. The company stated, in an email they sent out to account holders on Thursday, that an unauthorised individual accessed their databases that contain user information such as usernames, emails and encrypted passwords.

ComiXology have requested that all users reset their password as a “precautionary measure” but informs users that payment information is safe as they don’t store the information and that user passwords are stored in an encrypted form so should be safe.

It is recommended that users with the same or similar passwords in use for other services are also changed. It is strongly advised that all account passwords are strong and unique. Duplicated passwords are a major weakness in online security, when one account is compromised it leaves other services using the same credentials vulnerable to hacks.

ComiXology have updated their security following the breach and intend to continue to review their security “on an ongoing basis.”

Because of the nature of the data breach it is important to look out for phishing attacks. Comixology made it clear in their statement that they ‘will never ask for personal or account information’. Therefore users need to be vigilant in checking emails that may claim to be from Comixology.

Employing the use of a password manager, like my1login will not only help you implement strong complex passwords for all online accounts, but those passwords can easily be changed if a specific account is hacked. It also removes the hassle of having to remember individual logins. Using my1login also eliminates the need to rely on insecure practices such as writing passwords down or storing them in documents, spreadsheets or even on your phone.

my1logoPWMFB250my1login allows you to use one super strong and unique password that grants you access to all of your account, without having to remember the individual logins. Therefore, you can create strong complex passwords for all your accounts, for example a typical password for your gmail account could be “$~dY>zD9n_+J]SkMZoPlZhBZ3″ and a typical password for your Facebook account could be “DCTt8B-4J#F$Hxssv7}3k)oax”. The length and entropy of these passwords make them extremely strong, and using different passwords for all your accounts means that should any remote site be compromised no other account of yours would be compromised.

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