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Are you Cyber Streetwise?

Posted by Jo on Jan 17, 2014 12:09:00 PM

sSZlBp9YThe UK government have launched Cyber Streetwise, a new public awareness campaign aimed at educating small businesses and consumers about how to improve their online security.

The government’s most recent National Cyber Security Consumer Tracker suggests more than half of the UK population are not taking simple actions to protect themselves online. The research highlights that less than a third (30%) habitually use complex passwords to protect online accounts. Using strong passwords for accounts is vital and is the easiest security measure to implement with the help of a password manager.

my1login helps protect against the use of weak passwords and poor password practices.

my1logoPWMFB250my1login allows you to use one strong and unique password that grants you access to all of your accounts, without having to remember the individual logins. Therefore, you can create strong complex passwords for all your accounts, for example a password for your gmail account could be “B_wxr}N?Z3qe?9YU” and a password for your Twitter account could be “kq#QS[T&kHrS~pB%d?5”. The length and entropy of these passwords make them extremely strong, and using different passwords for all your accounts means that should any remote site be compromised no other account of yours would be compromised.

Using my1login also eliminates the need to rely on insecure practices such as writing passwords down or storing them in documents, spreadsheets or even on your phone. Passwords can also be securely shared using my1login meaning you’ll never need to email a password, or need to select a weak password because it’s simply easier to convey.

Both consumers and business rely heavily on online services, therefore it is of utmost importance that cyber crime is taken seriously, as it can result in serious consequences such as identity theft and financial losses.

Cyber Streetwise suggests 5 key actions to help protect from cyber crime:

  • Use strong, complex passwords
  • Install updates and anti-virus software on all devices
  • Only download and shop from trusted sites or organisations
  • Beware of phishing emails
  • Monitor privacy policies on all accounts

If you'd like to see how my1login can improve your business's online security and help protect you against hacks in 2014 try out the my1login password manager for free, or leave your email address and we'll send you an information pack.

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