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Germany suffers hack that sees millions of emails and passwords stolen

Posted by Jo on Jan 21, 2014 10:50:00 AM

imgresThe federal Office for Security (BSI) have revealed that 16 million user details have been stolen in a malware hack where infected computers gathered the details.

Malware attacks track the keystrokes and logins of affected computers. The logged data is then sent to the hackers and from there the information can be posted online, downloaded and abused.

The BSI have set up a website for people to check if their details have been compromised, as well as offering advice on actions to take:. For those who have been affected it is strongly advised that computers are digitally cleaned with anti-virus programmes and to change all passwords used for online service.

By following the BSI’s advice victims can begin to rectify the situation , however the advice does not provide preventative actions to avoid future hacks. It is possible to avoid such security breaches by using a password manager.

A Password Manager such as my1login will improve your online security. It encourages you to create strong, complex passwords. my1login resolves the problem of remembering multiple logins, passwords and PINS by providing a safe way of accessing them via a highly secure personal portal.

my1logoPWMFB250my1login also mitigates against key loggers. Users can sign into web services without having to type their password to log into sites. my1login uses 2 step authentication to grant access to user accounts. Users create a secure phrase that encrypts all their logins within their browser before being sent over the internet and stored, and since their secure phrase is not stored, even my1login are unable to read these details. Users then select characters from their passwords using dropdowns, like banking services. This process mitigates against this form of attack and increases your general online security.

If you'd like to see how my1login can improve your business's online security and help protect you against hacks in 2014 try out the my1login password manager for free, or leave your email address and we'll send you an information pack.

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