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Hacked LinkedIn Passwords Turned into Art

Posted by Jo on Dec 13, 2013 11:17:00 AM

Kasseler Kunstverein / Aram Bartholl - Hello world! © Nils Klinger - Sep. 2013Conceptual artist, Aram Bartholl has transformed last years LinkedIn security breach into a work of art. The social network was at the centre of the hack where millions of users who used weak passwords had them stolen and then published online.

Bothell, used the published data to create Forgot Your Password? The 4.7 million clear text user passwords, exposed by the hackers, have been arranged in alphabetical order, and beautifully presented across 8 hardback books.

The collection has toured Europe and is currently on exhibit in Germany. Visitors to the exhibit are encouraged to search the volumes for their passwords.

Bartholl also created a series titled Private Password, a pair of prints that list 10,000 of the compromised passwords in order of decryption. This series was on exhibit at the XPO Gallery, Paris during ‘Retweet if you wantmore followers” May – June 2013

private-password-1-800 private-password-4-800

If you would like to avoid having your accounts compromised and your passwords exposed to the general public then you should consider adopting better password practices. To increase your online security, it is advised that you use strong, complex passwords that are unique to each individual account that you use.

my1logoPWMFB250my1login helps protect against the use of weak passwords and weak password practices.

my1login allows you to use one super strong and unique password that grants you access to all of your account, without having to remember the individual logins. Therefore, you can create strong complex passwords for all your accounts, for example a typical password for your gmail account could be “$~dY>zD9n_+J]SkMZoPlZhBZ3″ and a typical password for your Facebook account could be “DCTt8B-4J#F$Hxssv7}3k)oax”. The length and entropy of these passwords make them extremely strong, and using different passwords for all your accounts means that should any remote site be compromised no other account of yours would be compromised.

Using my1login also eliminates the need to rely on insecure practices such as writing passwords down or storing them in documents, spreadsheets or even on your phone. Passwords can also be securely shared using my1login meaning you’ll never need to email a password, or need to select a weak password because it’s simply easier to convey?

Find out how my1login can protect your business.


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