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My1Login Presents at Digital Transformation Event

Posted by My1Login on Nov 22, 2017 10:50:00 AM

My1Login was delighted to present alongside Microsoft, Lenovo and Citrix at two events this month. The most-recent event was held at Microsoft's HQ in Reading. 

Our CEO, Mike Newman, was on hand to pitch My1Login, alongside Microsoft, Lenovo and Citrix. The audience was a range of enterprise clients who are keen to resolve the cybersecurity challenges faced in their organisations as well as learn about the new Microsoft-Lenovo - Epaton partnership to promote Azure Stack.

Speaking after the event, Mike said “It is only a few weeks since My1Login was awarded IAM Solution of the Year but the attention it has secured us has been significant. Users are looking for proven solutions to cyber security challenges and with 65% of all data breaches involving weak or insecure passwords, Microsoft’s audience were keen to learn of real world solutions to improve security and make the user experience simpler – and which don’t rely on lengthy deployment programmes.

If you'd like to find out how My1Login can help protect your business from the risk of data breaches, why not Book a Demo today?

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