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Super Bowl Security Centre Wi-Fi password aired by CBS

Posted by Jo on Feb 3, 2014 12:04:00 PM

Super-Bowl-ScreenThe Super Bowl security centre could use a few tips on how to securely store and share their passwords. And we don’t mean projecting it on a wall for all to see and having it broadcast to millions of viewers. We’ll admit that it’s a fairly quick way to give the details to lots of people but it’s not great when you don’t want to give millions people access to your Wi-Fi.

The security gaffe was all thanks to CBS, who were running a televised segment on the top class security of the Super Bowl. The segment showed dramatic footage of the security team standing in front of large screens with a hawk eye view of the stadium, but in the corner the Wi-Fi Access codes can clearly be seen. We can only hope that the team quickly changed the credentials after news of the blunder broke.

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